Reblog – “Coven of the Moon – an Anthropological Study” 1981

I just posted this on my Coven of the Catta blog. Here is the beginning of it and the title page of this old thesis on the coven so just hit the link above for the larger post:

Copyright Jude A Carino 1981 (1)

I was recently contacted by a man named Jude Carino who has graciously shared with me and our Coven his Master of Arts Thesis written in 1981 entitled “Coven of the Moon – an Anthropological Study”. He used pseudonyms for the name of the coven, the town and the witches involved, but was writing about our Coven of the Catta.
He was in the area of the Covenstead first in 1978 on an archeological dig of a Delaware Indian burial ground for his bachelor degree. At that time he met and was befriended by Lady Phoebe and Lord Merlin, aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee, our late elders and founders.
He later returned in 1980 to continue his friendships and learning, even having limited access to some of the rituals and teachings of the coven, and to write this 135 page thesis, which the High Priestess and High Priest approved of. He was there by Dr Santee’s bedside as he took his last breath on 11 April 1980.
His anthropological but also personal insights into the working of this early coven and its group dynamics are priceless. I will not publish the entire 65MB PDF I made from scanning these old hand typed pages, but he has allowed me to post here a few pages which include the face page of the thesis and a chapter entitled “The Wicca Coven – Structure and Process” which I think any witch with an interest in Witchcraft’s early history in this country will find fascinating. Perhaps more can be published later. The quality of these jpegs is poor but readable due to their age and recopying, even after some graphics editing, so you may have to download them to blow them up to read them, but then please delete them thank you.
Please note that these jpegs of these pages from this thesis are © 1981 Jude A. Carino. And our coven cannot thank him enough for sharing this and many other documents with us after over 30 years. I am glad he keeps everything!