A Little Hoodoo from Crossroads Joe

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I was at a friend’s blog yesterday and found one he recommends called Tapping the Roots – a Hoodoo blog by Crossroads Joe that has some good formulas on it.

I liked his post on Household Money Pot: Bring the Wealth Home! I have used something similar for years, a copper bowl with little statues of Ganesha (who also brings wealth) filled with older real 100% copper pennies and the old real silver Mercury dimes, and other copper, brass, silver and gold plated coins and talismans thrown in. I like his idea of the lodestone and writing your name on paper money as making yourself the Secretary of the Treasury too.

And I liked his post on Buying Graveyard Dirt which is Not about buying it online through some Hoodoo shop but about paying for it at the graveyard. For myself I have no need of graveyard dirt for baleful purposes, but I have had a stone from a local graveyard on my Ghede altar, with some $2 bills he likes also. As you may or may not know there is Ghede and then there are “the ghedes” or various forms for each graveyard. Traditionally you have to find the tombstone of the oldest male buried there and designate him as the little Ghede of that cemetery and do your Ghede work at his plot.

Believe me I am no expert in Hoodoo or Vodoun but found these of interest and useable. In fact, see Crossroads Joe’s comment below for a better explanation of how graveyard dirt can be used. Enjoy!

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Local Ghede

2 thoughts on “A Little Hoodoo from Crossroads Joe

  1. Thanks for the kind words. :) It’s worth noting that graveyard dirt isn’t exclusively used for baleful purposes – it’s a physical means of gaining the assistance of a spirit whose tendencies in life would aid whatever work you are doing. A doctor’s graveyard dirt can aid healing work, and dirt from the grave of an Unknown Soldier can aid in peace work, just to use two examples I’ve used myself.


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