Me Bad – My Favorite Pope Posts found today

Like I said yesterday, I really have nothing personal against Christians or even what Jesus taught at the Sermon on the Mount or even my view of Mary as the Goddess oozing through Catholicism from her roots. But in my humble opinion after Paul it all turned into a Mafia with the powers of the Inquisition historically, though good people have always been in there too. (This Disclaimer is to protect me from Opus Dei, lol)

But I have to share something sarcastic about Pope Benedict XVI leaving his post, and here are some of my favorites so far:

First a more serious assessment by Paul Donovan at the CNN Opinion blog on Why next pope must open up church and usher in Vatican III and I quote a little of it here and you can read the whole thing at the link above:

“At the heart of the church there lies a deep chauvinism that seems to have infected the whole edifice.”…….

“Women may feel discriminated against in many institutions but few have made it so blatantly clear that the woman’s place remains at the kitchen sink as the Catholic Church.”…….

“But perhaps the biggest crisis for the Church remains child abuse. It has shaken the whole edifice under the present pontiff’s tenure, and no doubt taken its toll on him personally.”…….

My second favorite post is at the Cassie Being Cassie blog where she reblogs I’m not in the mood for the Pope which you can link to for that whole post where he talks a little about the Vatican’s insistence that their pedophilia “issue” is to be remain their own little Secret. And you can read my comment about that video of the semi-nude male acrobats performing for the Pope.

And thirdly at The Daily Beast post Holy Smokes! Pope Quits! where they really get into the legal question about how the Pope and Cardinals etc at the Vatican claim that their status as a State puts them outside even the laws of the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights and even the US State Department Human Rights Report even though it is NOT a state, even in the judgment of the UN, regarding their past and present Sins and Crimes. Well at least they apologized to the Jews for demonizing them for millennia and will now turn over pedophile priests to the civil authorities, maybe.

And this one just in from The Wild Hunt called Pope Benedict XVI: A Pagan Perspective of His Legacy.

And I am sure I will find more posts to link in the next few days to this post.

Now the Devil made me go and Google some Pope images, most of which have no photographer listed, and add my own smart ass comments beneath them. Enjoy


I worship a Dead God tortured to death by his own Dad


Does this hat make me look too Phallic like Peter?


I just wish those American nuns would shut the fk up!

By Philip Pullella and Sarah Marsh

(Photo by Philip Pullella and Sarah Marsh)

Bring on the witches! I got my big lighter ready to go!


He He He, now I can be Head of Opus Dei

7 thoughts on “Me Bad – My Favorite Pope Posts found today

  1. The third one looks likes he’s illuminati. And the last one: possessed. Perhaps that the real reason he had to step down.

    • That’s just my twisted sense of humor, and I did find pics that were not flattering. I do not mean to demean anyone as he is a human being too, like us all. My criticism is more towards the church and his particular archaic theology, not towards the person per se. I would much rather be posting pics of naughty nuns ;)

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