Pagans are on the march – but are they harmless eccentrics or a dangerous cult? – from the UK Dailymail


Photo by Alamy and the Daily Mail

Forgive me for quoting an online article from the UK’s Daily Mail, lol. But I thought this 2010 simple article written by Zoe Brennan called Pagans are on the march – but are they harmless eccentrics or a dangerous cult? had some interesting points about the legal developments back then, which I quote below:

“At the same time, it emerged that the Metropolitan Police has produced a diversity handbook offering advice on handling witches and pagans.

Officers are advised not to panic if they encounter a blindfolded person in the nude with their hands tied together. The book reassures them: ‘This is in accordance with ritual and has the full consent of the participant.’
The police are also told to avoid touching a witch’s Book of Shadows, or spellbook, and not to handle the ceremonial dagger known as an athame.

But it’s not only the BBC and the police getting clued up. Druidism has just been given official recognition as a religion by the Charity Commission — with the tax exemptions and other ‘rights’ that follow.

Jailed druids are now allowed to take twigs, or ‘magic wands’, into their prison cells, and are being given official days off prison work to worship the sun.”

Please refer to the link above for the full article. Here in the states if one held out an athame in the presence of the police one would be tazed and then probably shot by a SWAT team. But there have been much progress regarding practicing Wicca in the military and even in the world’s largest prison system. Enjoy!