Journeying to the Goddess – a most beautiful and informative blog

Changing by Benita Winckler

“Changing” by Benita Winckler which is the next Goddess I hope to glimpse after this cold winter!

I was blessed to discover Daughter RavynStar’s blog called Journeying to the Goddess today. She has put together in the last year a very good explanation of  multitudes of Goddesses, many of whom I had never heard of, from European, Eastern, AmerIndian to African, and these are illustrated with the most beautiful pictures, their sources, and at the end of the post are her sources and suggested links. I just spent Hours just breezing through her archives mostly looking at the pictures let alone reading and following other links. So I have lots of exploring to do in the future and look forward to her future posts. She even had one on Bastet, the patron Goddess of our Coven. Blessings, and Enjoy!

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