Blessed Candlemass and Happy Groundhog’s Day


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Well the good news is that Punxsutawney Phil, one of the many groundhogs dragged out of the ground here in Pennsylvania to see his prediction of how long winter will last, did Not see his shadow, which in kinda of a reverse oracle means that winter will only last another 6 weeks here and no longer before Spring weather breaks! I have never been to one of these events but have seen news coverage on it and a friend’s daughter went staying up all night drinking with everyone else waiting for the dawn even to unfold. The groundhog omen probably does go back to some Germanic root, but here in Pennsylvania it is a quasi-Masonic looking whimsical event, but also taken seriously, and brings in some tourist money.

On a more Wiccan note – Blessed Candlemass (yes I always spell it with two s’s since it is a mass)! And here is a post from Maria Lionza’s Camino de Yara blog called Happy Day of our Lady of Candelaria which shows her celebration in the Canary Islands.

Here at home yesterday my cats Did see their shadow as they lay in basking in the sun over the electric heater, hmmmm hmmmm good.

Cats in the Sun on Imbolc (1)

And our coven will be celebrating our ritual Sunday morning inside as snow flurries are predicted.

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  1. yes, we had a wonderful Candlemass today! My Priest!
    Lady Ember Willow Hawk.

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