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I found these two blogs from D G Mattichak Jr the other day and have been reading through them. He practices Solomonic magickes, Goetia, Thelema and some other paths. The posts are long and well written, though I do have some points to be made on some of them on witchcraft and hexen magick which I shall address in later posts. I think those of you who practice these systems will find something of interest for sure as he is a good and knowledgeable writer.

The first blog is Dgmattichakjr’s Blog and the second one is Ankhafnakhonsu.

To quote from his About page:

D G Mattichak jr is a freelance writer, author and blogger who lives in Melbourne Australia. He immigrated to Australia in the 1970s from Syracuse New York where he was born and lives with his artist wife Michelle and their two cats.

D G was educated at one of Melbourne’s oldest private schools and went on to study art before trying his hand at a variety of interesting occupations before settling on a career as an ala carte chef working in Melbourne’s vibrant and often exotic restaurant scene for over twenty-five years.

D G has been a student of the occult for over thirty years and has published many works on a variety of topics from Hermetic Magick to Witchcraft over the past ten years. He is well known in magickal circles in Australia and has been involved with one of the longest running Neo-Pagan gatherings at Victoria’s scenic Mt Franklin since the early 1980s. Due to the prolific amount of material that he has published in recent years D G has developed a strong and loyal following of readers of both his blogs and his published works.

David has always been a big reader and has had the ambition of writing for a living since his childhood and in 2010 this ambition became a reality with the publication of his first novel Loot. He followed this with an esoteric work on Thelema called A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law in 2011 and then with a second novel called Master of the Crossroads at the beginning of 2012. D G has been an obsessive blogger for a couple of years with this blog and its companion blog specifically devoted to D G’s magickal writings at . He was accepted as a freelance staff writer on Moot Magazine in 2011 and is presently working on several more publishing projects for the near future.

Currently D G spends his days writing internet copy, magazine articles, blog posts and anything else that someone wants to pay him to write. He is also an avid networker and enjoys the contact that this blog often allows him to have with his readers around the world- so leave a comment and start the conversation.”

Enjoy and Blessed Be!


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