Reblog : The Cauldron and the Hearth

Cauldrons Altar (2)

Some of my cauldrons in the morning light

I was going down through the WordPress Reader list doing a search for blogs on Witchcraft and ran into this fairly new blog called Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat (read her About page as she has a German blog also) which has a post called The Cauldron and the Hearth that brought out some good ideas of how she uses her cauldrons. I like how she (I really do not know the gender of the blogger so am just using “she”) equates it to the Hearth in an older time, and how she uses one to hold magickal objects as a house protector also. It looks like she is just starting out this blog with some into writings, but I think we can expect more good to come.

I love old cauldrons and have some brass and iron ones. I have found so many cauldrons at flea markets and thrift stores I have probably given away half of them to witches as their “starter cauldrons” lol, and some to an herbalist friend. I have also been blessing finding a very old iron mortar and pestle that you can grind up anything in. When my father passed I inherited some iron cauldrons with a pouring lip that probably were my grandfather’s and I value those. My dad melted his own lead to make sinkers for fishing and even anchors for his duck hunting boat and decoys.

When working rituals inside the cauldron is the hearth fire with a candle instead of burning wood of course, otherwise all the smoke detectors in the house would go off. I also burn the ancestor candles in it during All Hallows Eve ritual. And I like to move the cauldron around the circle to the four directions for the seasons to show where the Sun is. It can also represent the cave out of which Persephone starts her journey from the underworld back up to the Earth at Candlemass. It is both a cup and a pentacle for magickal workings and I am not even going to list its obvious uses with various elements and functions. Ultimately the cauldron is the womb of Mother Earth Goddess and of course all the elements can be worked within it and either burned away or brought forth to birth.


Picture from her blog

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  1. hi,
    thanks for the reblog, i will read on your blog in the next days.
    and i am male- but you are not the first who thought that i am female in the internet.

    • I have this main blog (over 600 posts so just surf by the categories) and the Coven of the Catta blog which is on the top menu bar. I always consider it a compliment to someone when I do not know their gender.

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