Dancing with Destiny – a conversation with Maxine Sanders – a Karagan Griffith Witchtalk radio interview


I will post more about how I found this by following link after link from a fellow blogger’s post today, which I will reblog tomorrow. But it seems there is this radio interviewer Karagan Griffith who has a TV show called Witchtalk and one of the interviews was from 2012 with Maxine Sanders and it is an AMAZING interview which is about an hour long, and Maxine rarely gives interviews of any kind nowadays. What I got the most from this interview was her list of what witch’s need to have within them, and these are Compassion, Humor, Ruthlessness and Honour. His full list of witches and occultists interviewed has much to be explored yet by me. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

I do not know what the problem is lately with YT or WP or my new pc but I cannot embed videos like I used to, so here is the link: http://youtu.be/cojKdLOrZgo or you can link through the picture above.