The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach – Old Craft Witchcraft


Image from the Picture files of their blog

Yesterday I found a truly amazing blog called The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach which is one of the most amazing Witchcraft website I have been though in quite awhile. They just call what they do the Old Craft. And they are heavily into the environmental and animal protection movements in England. There are a lot of writings, pictures (some with nudity during ritual), and some Amazing Craft Training Videos. I watched all of them last night and they are on everything from Initiation to herb work and the making of poppets. I have Never seen such excellent videos, which were originally pod casts, on the latter subject. I like the Priest who is just sitting in normal clothes in his kitchen or living room teaching the most skillful practices. I learned a lot from them for sure.

To quote from their About page:

“The Cauldron Allta Cailleach of the first drew breath at the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington at Imbolc 1971. It was then an Alexandrian Coven and stayed that way throughout the 70s and 80s.  In the early 90s it evolved into a Coven of the Old Craft and in 1995 it fully evolved into a Hunting Coven of the Old Craft…In 2009 the members of the Coven finally went in differant directions and in all but name the Allta Cailleach was no more.

At Yule 2011, the Allta Cailleach sprang back into life………….and with renewed vigour……..

We are an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path… which means we are activists in every sense….our purpose is to fight both magically and practically to protect the Land, the Animals that live on it, the Environment, all Sacred Sites and any and all pagans from attacks of any kind…………….”

I highly suggest you enjoy All the videos, which run about 15 minutes each, and am embedding one below.

This video is from a 1970s BBC radio play and is about The True Story of Yule… ‘All Was, As Always Had Been….And Then The Christ People Came….’ So for this first video just close your eyes and listen like one did to the radio years ago. You do all remember radios, right? lol.

Well I cannot seem to be able to embed this video so just hit on the title above, and I will put a picture from it up above.