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Photo copyright GLHoke 2013

Since I live near many small streams and one large river I am always on the lookout for odd stones. Over the decades friends and I have found some holed stones called by witches hag stones. I have a handful of really nice ones, but the most amazing one is shaped perfectly like a Yoni with the hole exactly in the center and I treasure it more above the others as a gift of the Goddess for sure, and it is pictured above. I have it hanging from a red cotton braided necklace on a snaky piece of wood with other objects in my back picture window. When looking for hag stones we always took a large needle with us to work out the sand and coal dust to see if the hole really went all the way through. I reached down and picked this one up at one particular spot in the river that seemed rich with hag stones. I put my needle through, removing the coal dust, and was amazed how perfect it is. Why is there coal dust in the river? Because coal used to be transported from north to south in this state on large barges which often spilled their loads, so much so that in later years they actually dredged the river for this lost coal.

At the Cauldron Craft Oddities blog I found this post on Hag Stone Lore which is well written and has some nice pictures of what can be done with them. I tried to leave a comment on their blog that i was going to reblog this but blogger just hates WordPress at times and I was not able to do so, so my apologies to the owner for not being able to ask permission. Enjoy and Blessed Be and may you too be blessed with finding your own Goddess stone one day.


Photo from the Cauldron Craft Oddities blog

by Grimdeva and Kassandra Moon?