Reblog = Why I Raise My Children Without God

Sorry I have been gone a few days, but my 13 year old Dell pc finally crashed and burned. Luckily I save everything to flash drives the first of every month. Since I cannot drive far d/t my medical condition, and could not shop online since I did not have another pc, my bro shopped for me and got me a nice HP that you could probably use to launch a satellite, lol. So I had to learn the dreaded Windows OS-8 and load all the Office stuff it did not come with, etc etc etc so I am finally getting to use my pc instead of it using me.


Image from unknown source on www

Anyway, I found this interesting article on the CNN Belief Blog that leads to a CNN iReport post called Why I Raise My Children Without God which I think has some good points in it. The original belief blog post and the source post are worth reading. Firstly this is written by a mother within the context of the God of Christianity, so keep that in mind. And second I myself have no children, so I post this for those who do, and who try to balance how much of their own religion, whatever it is, being introduced into their children’s life view. And may the Goddess bless all of you trying to raise children walking this fine line.