El Tío – the Miner’s Devil God

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Last night on TV i watched The Devil’s Miner, which is a documentary of the poor life of young miners in the Andes. The story is a sad one. The main characters are two brothers aged 14 and 12. They are fatherless and their mother and younger sister work to keep the household together and guard the miner’s tools from theft. They get paid about $2.50 a day, but only if they find silver in this mine that has been raped almost clean since the 15th century when the Spanish first employed the Indians as slave labor to extract it.

Interestingly the miners worship a devil like god they call El Tio who rules the underworld, and they make offerings for blessings to find silver and to keep from getting killed down there. He is basically the same as Exu in the Caribbean faiths. Here is a good article on him just called El Tio.

el-tioImages from multiple sources on the www

Of course these fine South American natives are also devout Christians and go to mass on Sundays to worship those other gods called Jesus and Mary. Oh and for the kids to go to the Catholic school they had to buy uniforms that cost two months of their mother’s total income, and then we cut to the church scene where the priest in his silk robes is doing mass in front of gold altar ornaments. What a sin.

This contradiction is world wide and can probably be given the name of Gnostic dualism. In it God created the world and then took off. He is beyond prayers but has intermediaries called angels and saints you can appeal to. He is all about what is above ground and in the heavens. But here on the earthly plane, and for these miners under the earth, the God of This World is more of a Devil like figure, whether you want to call him whether Exu or Cernunnos or Shaitan or just refer to him as the Gnome King of material wealth. He is horned and ithyphallic. And you all know about the various underworld deities and elementals the European miners worshiped also. Even the Catholic Priest in the film has no problem admitting the efficacy of worshiping both deities. Its like if you get a parking ticket, you don’t appeal to the President or even the Mayor but go to the local judge or even try to negotiate with the police officer. Deal with the authorities on their respective planes.

Well read through the links above, and here is a short trailer of the one young miner offering cigarettes, coca leaves and alcohol to El Tio.

I was also at a website yesterday called The Macabre Tourist that has a lot of interesting videos and found this one of a Christian going to Mexico to explore the darker side of their occultism, and he finds a spot where all the Exu (or whatever name the locals would use) followers bury their curses in a niche in a rock and he proceeds to pull all these cursed items out, even opens them up, and proceeds to burn them. What a Fool !!! Well you can see he has to resort to the whiter side of their occult systems to cleanse himself in the end. Enjoy.

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