Reblog = Reenacting Frankenstein: Fetch Making 101

juju-kittyUnknown Artist

I found this interesting and practical post on Spanish Moss’s Thicket of a Witch blog called Reenacting Frankenstein: Fetch Making 101 which those of you who practice Witchcraft, Hoodoo or Voodoo will find of interest. I have never heard of a fetch being make as a Fetish in a mojo or charm bag, but it looks like it would work for sure. (Note the picture above is Not of his making),

Up north here in powwow country the word Fetch means an entire different nasty little critter using a necromantic practice I personally find immoral. I like SM’s manufacture of a Fetch to be Much better. For anyone interested in the Himalaya practice of a similar nature they have a creature they astrally project called a Tulpa. Enjoy!