Reblog = Drawing Down the Moon: Personal Reflections

Lady MoonUnknown Artist at multiple sources on www

I was at A Practical Owl in a Wiccan World and read her fun piece on the celebration of Jeanne D’Arc (Hey, i used a non-Wiki link!) in New Orleans. She has a link to Pantheos to an article called Drawing Down the Moon: Personal Reflections which i found also of interest, especially the god form he calls down! To quote from the latter site:

“For the uninitiated Drawing Down the Moon is the process of directly calling deity into a mortal vessel. When a High Priestess (or Priest) draws down the moon she literally draws the Goddess inside of herself. Once the Goddess is there, the Priestess is absent, and the Goddess speaks through her daughter and interacts with those around Her.”

i have been in many rituals in my and other covens, and i can tell you as a Priest that if you just slow down, take your time, get focused before and stay that way, ignore everyone else in the circle, then if you are blessed you will feel the God come down into you. And you will see and feel the Goddess coming down into the Priestess. It is a wonderful subjective experience, and an objective proof that the Gods really Are There when we call them properly.

Moon GoddessUnknown Artist at multiple sources on www

OK i have reblogged three other bloggers blog posts today (lazy me), so i thank you all for letting me share your work with others normally outside your circle.