Coven of the Catta historical pictures and newspaper articles published 1967-1971

Sybil Leek visits Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee 1967 - 4Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee to the left

Sybil Leek in the center

As promised in the previous post on the Coven of the Catta blog, i filled out the official Request to Reprint form for the Press Enterprise newspaper near Berwick, PA and received back permission to reproduce these old newspaper scans which were kindly sent to me by a man who knew Doc and collected almost every local newspaper article printed on the Coven. As per their policy these can only be reproduced once so they are not able to be downloaded and saved by anyone. But if you need to download them to blow the articles up to read them then please delete them afterwards. Thank you. And I need to post this disclaimer – “Reproduced by permission of Press Enterprise, Inc. No endorsement implied”

This first set of scans is from 1967 when Sybil Leek first visited Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee and Lady Phoebe at the Covenstead of the Coven of the Catta near All Hallows. It was then that she initiated them and this coven lineage was started in the USA. Click on links below for full story.

Sybil Leek visits Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee 1967

This second set of scans are pictures taken and articles about a ritual at the Coven of the Catta in 1971. It seems that back in the day a local newspaper could run articles like this and there would not be lines of fundamentalist Christian protesters complaining how “politically incorrect” this news was. Dr Santee and Lady Phoebe made no secret about the coven and their activities, so they were very open for pictures and interviews to explain the truth about witchcraft to allay the misunderstandings that word entails.

Coven of the Catta Ritual Pictures 1971

I think if anyone has any doubt that Sybil Leek is the grandmother witch of our coven then these pictures and articles should put this question to rest. Blessed Be. Shawnus.