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hades_and__persephone_by_pierrotlunaire891Hades and Persephone by Pierrotlunaire891

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This morning on the Melittabenu website i found this post with poems and pictures (two of which are copied at top of page) called Persephone and Hades: It Isn’t One Thing or Another which i found interesting and beautiful and intense due to the subject matter of Hades kidnapping etc of Persephone. So go to the website for their whole long post of which i just have small snippets here.

Also there was a link to this video by an artist called Persephone entitled Persephone – Our Dream which i thoroughly enjoyed and the lyrics are posted below it.

(Thanks MB for letting me post your poems and pictures and video and i feel kinda bad for re-posting so much, but it will give you even greater exposure for your other postings. I tried to comment on your page but WordPress would not let me do so for some reason.)

Persephone – Our dream

“The gracious shine of the moon
It gently caresses my hand
It`s cold and strange, yet peaceful
Its shimmer fills the land
The only lights now shining
Are our hearts from within

This kingdom welcomes me
For it is our place to be
Hear the silence, calm and rest
It`s our realm of love and death

Our dreams, they colour my night
Feeling your purity inside
You truly hold my heart
I hope we`ll never be apart
Your love, the best I`d ever known
I`ll keep it inside, for my own

Did it always had to be?
What we`ll never comprehend
How life treated you and me
We will never understand.”

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  1. That’s odd! You’re an approved poster, so you shouldn’t have any issues!

    Thanks for the press. :) I really sweated over this one.

    • Thanks MB for the post and for letting me share so much of it. I think it is very difficult for us in this modern world to really understand what the stories of the Greeks or any other culture’s religion meant by their myths. First off they are translated from their language to ours. And secondly they were initiate mysteries that were never fully explained except by later Roman or Latin writers.

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