Freaky Folktales blog – recommended


Photo from blog by Paul Hodge?

I found this writer of Freaky Foltkales the other day and have finally gone through all his well written and spooky tales of merry (well, maybe not so merry) England.

To quote from his Gravitar profile and About page:

“Paul Hodge left London and came to reside in Hampshire armed with the collected works of MR James, Kate Bush and Nigel Kneale. He now trawls the dusky corners of the country seeking stories to entertain (and scare). These form part of his own collected works, Freaky Folk Tales.

For too long we have told and retold colourful stories from overseas whilst neglecting the rich vein of tales that were distilled on these shores; the tales that once lived a lively existence on the lips of our forebears.

Our ancestors would be amazed at our advances, but would they not equally be astonished by how we seek our greatest thrills from wires and circuitry, an electronic buzz that distances ourselves from what it is like to step into the half-light, listen to the words of a stranger and be enthralled – and possibly a little scared – by the actions of our fellow man?

Maybe then it is time to look a little inward and re-evaluate our indigenous worth as a treasure trove of chronicles that revel in everything from the magic of dragons to the terror of a curse. If you agree, then it is then time to bid you a warm welcome – a welcome to the world of Freaky Folk Tales.”

I am a little confused about who took the photos, but attribute the one above from his blog to him, Paul Hodge.

Enjoy these freaky ghost tales!