Some Favorites from The Witch of Forest Grove blog

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Yea i know i have been re-bloggin a lot lately. I just do not have that much to write about life or magicke right now in this time of winter.

I have been following The Witch of Forest Grove blog from my first days of blog surfing. It is one of my favorite blogs and i always look forward to Sarah’s posts, as do many hundreds of other witches of the old ways.

In her latest post Is It Just Me? and the links she gives withing the article she contrasts the various forms of witchcraft and magicke afoot nowadays with her own unique path. Below are the other posts that i found of great interest.

Disclaimer of a Traditional Witch

Sabbatic Witchcraft

The Grimoire Tradition

Hopefully soon i can get out of my uninspired winter blahs and write some of my own stuff, but until then i like sharing the gleanings of the best of the best i find. Enjoy and Blessed Be!