In the Chimehours blog – recommended

StonehedgeI was checking out some of the more traditional British witchcraft blogs today and found this gem called In the Chimehours. She is a writer and her blog posts are like reading poetry and are accented by the excellent photography of Ian Thurlby and Matt Baldwin-Ives at their Milescross website. Her writing and their photos reflect the old path of witchcraft in England. Here is a quote from her About page:

“Hi All, and welcome to ‘In the Chimehours’: An exploration of English folklore, folk tradition, and primal magic, and my journey as an English Witch returning to her roots.

I am a native of the British Isles who has a strong love for all things Otherworldly and ancient. Of the deep, dark places that most fear to tread. Of the Arte Magical, cunning, witchcraft and the forgotten gods. Raised from an early age with a passion for folklore, story-telling, dancing, music and magic.”

I am part way through this blog and will check out the older posts later today and tomorrow. May you all enjoy this, and Blessed Be.

Stonehedge (1)Pictures above and below from Stonehenge desktops downloaded from the web.