Looking at St Nicholas as our Pagan God of Winter

Catholic-St.-Nicholas-of-MyraI was reading a post at CNN’s Belief blog about St Nicholas and did some other research so i thought i would add my two cents about how Santa Claus aka St Nicholas is so much like our pagan God of Winter.

He’s an old guy, like the fading God of summertime. He comes down from the North Pole like the Sun returning from north to south. He has long white hair and beard like nature in winter in the northern hemisphere. He wears a red phallic pointed hat and garb like the sun at its peak. His decorations are often holly and other evergreen plants, like spring returning. His power animals are the horned reindeer. Rudolph might be drinking mead since his nose is glowing red. His companions are the dwarfs who represent the powers of earth and treasure being brought upwards. He comes bearing a sack of gifts, and in the ancient times gift giving in the dead of winter was risky business since one could not predict how severe or hungry the winter might be. He can navigate without gps so he must be using the earth’s electromagnetic field so he Has to be Magickal! And finally, In his older pictures he smokes a pipe (probably full of hemp so he can fly higher, lol).

Well i could go on and on but i really just wanted to link you to the posts below that explain St Nicholas, mostly from his Christianized myths, and you can figure out how they trace back to paganism, like all Catholic saints. Bottom line is he became a saint not so much for doing miracles but more for being a nice and generous guy!

The first link is from CNN’s Belief blog, written by Adam C. English, and is entitled My Take: The Christmas message of the real St. Nicholas.

And the second link is more directly to a site called the St Nicholas Center entitled Who is St. Nicholas?

And i want to thank SM at his Thicket of a Witch blog for his post on Memories of the Oak and Holly King: Winter Solstice Story! which is where i got the great picture below of the Oak King and Holly King (that i then sent him as a Yule greeting, Duh!) Enjoy!

Postscript on 12/24 – I found this site Shadows Magick Place that adds a little Hoodoo to working with St Nick called Working with St Nicholas of Myra.

Oak and Holly King