Black Cat Power, Part 1: Origins & Witches – from Valentina’s Reflections blog

I read this post called Black Cat Power – Part 1 – Origins & Witches at the Valentina’s Reflections blog and just had to re-blog it since it is well written and full of interesting information. It starts out with:

“What is up with black cats and Witches, eh? Why do we go so well together? Are we good luck? Or are we all bad luck?  What special powers, if any, do we share together?  These questions and more I’ve been asked, but one question I’ve been asked the most, one my mother was the first to ask me is, “Do you have a black cat because you’re a Witch?”   My answer comes with an embarrassed laugh; “No” and I didn’t quite know how to explain why.  Yet I understood why it was a common question,  considering that every Halloween the most recognizable cliché symbolic image is one that pairs witches dressed in black next to their faithful black cats. But how did that cliché get started in the first place? I don’t think it’s just coincidence or a pop culture creation derived only from Old English literature……” Read Full Post Here. or at link above.

Of course i had to add some pictures of my own two black cats – Shadow, who was born around May Day and is 12 years old and so named because when i first got her she was invisible in the shadows. She talks a lot like she has some Siamese in her, and loves to go outside and hunt mice and moles and sadly the few stupid birds that land right in front of her. And Spider, who was born around Halloween and is 7 years old, and is named because when she was a kitten she just looked like a furry tarantula,  and likes to climb trees but mostly likes to lay in the sunlight, though she does her job of catching the rare mousie who gets inside the house.

ShadowcatShadow cat with silver pentagram

TreeShadowSpider cat in the tree

demon cat 4Demon cat

spider sun shelf 2Spider Oh so warm on the sunny shelf

2catssun2A RARE picture of them sitting that close

attack cat insideAnd here’s a fun graphic you can print up and put in your window to warn away the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses!