2 Reblogs about the Sandy Hook Massacre

I usually do not get into the news and politics, but how can you avoid it this last week. I personally cannot look at one more picture of an innocent child who has been brutally murdered by some whacko. Why? Because i have seen too many dead children and their grieving parents in my 7 years working in the ER. Nor can i listen to one more word from some child psychologist giving advice wrapped in a warm soft blanket to their parents. Nor can i listen to one more GD minister giving some lame excuse about God.

But I found these two blog posts that I think you will find of interest:

The first is from Biblebelt Witch and is entitled Off Topic Butt. Her balanced insights are well written and expressed.

The second is from the CNN Belief blog by author Stephen Prothero who always has something interesting to write, and is entitled My Take: Six things I don’t want to hear after the Sandy Hook massacre.

I think you will find both posts of interest with deeper thought that what the talking heads on TV are saying.