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This morning I found on the Sunshine Breeze blog this post of the story Fare Thee Well, Harry, and Thank You which is about an elderly antique shop owner who recently forced into retirement. It brought tears to my eyes. I love the elderly and helped take care of them in my 36 years in the medical field. I love their old stories, even when told over and over again. I can tell you these elders went through more in the wars and the depression than most of us experience in our entire lifetime. No one is perfect but i have noticed that many elderly men and women have an honesty and integrity and good heart that just isn’t cultivated in today’s culture. When you made an agreement with them and shook hands then that was all that was needed, not a signed notarized contract from a lawyer like you need nowadays.

Here are the first few paragraphs from this post and you can follow the “Read More” link to read the whole post. Be happy for what you have, and bring as much joy as you can into this world, as Harry did.

Fare Thee Well, Harry, and Thank You

“Next to the shop where I work, there was an Antiques shop. It was run by its owner, an 88-year-old Scottish man named Harry. 

Everyday, Monday to Friday, at around half past nine in the morning, Harry would get off his taxi, wave at whoever was working in my store, regardless if we knew him or not, and go ask Steve from the other shop to help him open his Antiques shop…….” Read complete post here.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my little tale. Harry was brilliant, really, and I was so moved when this happened. Thank you for helping me share his story.

      • No, I actually haven’t seen him since they moved all his things out of the shop :( Should I try to find him? I didn’t really know him that well…

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