Screw Xmas – Its Krampus Night and Day!

KrampusHmmm – what would Freud say?

Ah Krampus, the extremely politically incorrect dark evil twin of Santa Claus. He is truly a pagan leftover, as indeed St Nick is also. You can go to for more explanation and lots of pictures of him chasing around naughty children and then seducing their moms on the side. And I found a couple YT videos for you.

This first one explains the nature of Krampus and where he may have come from:

This second one is a nasty little fairy tale cartoon about what happens when Krampus shows up:

And the third video is some footage of real Krampus celebrations in the Alps. I want to see these guys ringing their balls (I mean bells) on their backs, standing next to those annoying Salvation Army bell ringers!

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