The Story of Le Petit Mouse Brigitte

The Story of Le Petit Mouse Brigitte

©2011 GLHoke

On All Hallows Eve 2011 I did a Vodoun Ghede and Maman Brigitte Fete in my temple to honor and avert Death. It was a very powerful ritual. I used white chalk and drew the veves for the Petro Legba, Ghede, Maman Brigitte, and Exu with Pomba Gira on pieces of slate that looked like grave markers. I slipped into some spontaneous drum rhythms I have never heard nor done before. The ritual was very powerful and I asked Les Loa de la Morte to avert my death.

ghede brigette 2Steles with Veves

The next morning my Spider Cat had cornered then captured a little grey brown mousie who had somehow gotten into the house. Try as I did to chase her away from the mouse, she got it and carried it to the cellar, giving the hard bite, then finally dropped the mouse on the floor where it was taking its last breaths. So I picked the poor critter up and placed it in a container on a paper towel. Amazingly it came back to life somewhat, but its back was obviously broken and it was paralyzed from the waist down. It also had big puncture wounds to the chest and abdomen. I only expected it to live a few minutes. But it lived on. I place it over a group of crystals in the sunlight. Then later that eve I made a softer bed of toilet paper and put it on the gas stove near the pilot light for heat. It obviously had collapsed lungs and had the signs of pulmonary edema with the pink blood coming out of its nose. But it would look up at me and I would pet it and it would shut its eyes like this made it feel good. I decided it was a she and named her Brigitte after the Loa I had evoked the night before.

This continued on for two days, her hanging on to life, reviving and dragging herself around, looking up at me, being petted, feeling warm and snuggly in the toilet paper, which i changed every few hours. I thought I may have to start a mouse nursing home wing for a paraplegic mouse at one point.

Then two days later I went to the Hex House and did the final 5th part of a long ritual I had been doing. Before I left Le Petit Mouse Brigitte was fine, though she was lethargic in the morning. But when I got back she had passed on in comfort. I cried and cried for that little mouse, sorry my cat had killed her, thought that is the nature of cats. I also felt that working with those Loa maybe they took a sacrifice, and she offered herself as a scapegoat to take away my death by offering her life. I know this sounds silly, but this is the magickal thinking I have on my path. One has to be very careful with the Loa. They are very playful and tricky at times. Do not ask for what you do not want, and make it very clear what methods you permit them to use. That is the lesson I learned from this.

A friend said I am a good priest, and so I am a priest to the critters too. I capture and release spiders and insects and other critters that get into the house. That is just my nature as a Buddhist and as a Witch priest.

bear oak winter solstice 2011 1Base of the fallen Bear Oak Tree

So I put her little body into a little cardboard box with oak leaves and corn on the bottom, laid her in wrapped in tissue, poured bird seed and even sugar over her and took her out to bury in the red loam of the newly fallen 250 year old Bear Oak tree across the stream. On the way I picked up a flat stone I had found with quartz crystals on its edge, and that covered the box. I hand dug a hole and put her into the loam and covered her with the burial stone then covered that with a big piece of the red oak cork wood then put some green plants on top of her.

mouse brigette burial 2Burial spot of Le Petit Mouse

mouse brigette burial 1Stone lid over burial box

May she be reborn far away from people and houses and cats and live a long and happy life next time. Thank you little Brigitte for giving me the joy of nursing you the best I can. Thank you Papa Ghede and Maman Brigitte for working to avert my death. I am blessed.

mouse brigette burial 3Green plant offering for good rebirth

Footnote – feedback from a witch friend –

… Especially the one concerning the mouse. Thank you for sharing that ! It reminds me of an antidote of Sybil Leek’s in one of her books where she recounts how as a child she became very ill and nothing anyone could do was helping and she became progressively weaker and weaker until her Grandmother came into her room late one night and asked her if she truly wanted to live and that sometimes for something to be given something must be paid in return and the next morning when she woke up she was feeling better and by the next day almost recovered but when she asked about her pet bird that was always in her room she was told it had passed away the night before. I don’t know a lot about the Lwa but what I do know makes it seem possible that the energy, or ashe of the mouse’s passing may have been tied to their intervention somehow as they deal with the deeper and more visceral powers of life and death. I imagine the mouse’s death would have come about in any event but the Loa may have made use of the already existing situation (the cats act of being true to it’s nature) to fuel the ritual or perhaps to “test” you, the way you cared for the mouse and showed a compassion that most would not have would have I would say mean that you “passed” and in the tradition of Voudoun and Santeria the spirit of the animal that assists in such a ritual (being shown honor by the priest or priestess performing the rite) is blessed by the Loa. I believe that an act of true kindness can mean more to the Gods than the most elaborate rituals and there does seem to be a thread tying everything together. . . . .

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    • Yes i did prayers and mantras like that. I can still remember her looking up at me and closing her eyes when i pet her. At least i kept her cozy and warm until nature took its course.

    • Yea i will never forget it looking up at me from the box and feeling guilty about my cat (but then that is what a cat naturally does and i don’t want any mice propagating in the house so they do a good job at that). I’ve rescued many another wounded or trapped mouse or mole and even a chipmunk the other day from sure death). I did the best i could to keep it comfortable and warm hydrated a coupe days and gave it a respectful burial.

  1. Ah, bless you and the mouse and the threads of ritual weaving…

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