A Phurba Dagger for Hekate?

On reading about Hekate recently i realized how perfectly she would be as a Tibetan Buddhist wrathful Dakini deity. She is triple headed and holds a torch, key, snake and dagger. She is the opener of the gateway into the underworld of snakes (Nagaloka). Then i started thinking about her holding a blade and bam I realized the Himalayan Phurba is perfect for her. It has three heads and is a three sided triangular dagger with snakes on the blade. Some Hayagriva phurbas have a horse head, which matches one of her animal forms. So for me I can now use phurbas in any rituals connected with evoking Hekate!

Above are some pics of Hekate and some of my Phurbas for those not familiar with this type of dagger.

And here are some great links about Hekate I have found in the past and today. Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve actually been drawn to a Phurba at this one shop a little while away from me, maybe I’ll get it for Her, when I go back.

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