The 4 Natural Enemies of a Man of Knowledge – Don Juan Matus

I found this short 10 minute video on the Karmapolice blog yesterday and found it most interesting. I had to listen to it a couple times for it to sink in. I read Castaneda’s books way back in the 1970s and learned a lot from him. I am not going to give away the 4 states of mind he is talking about here as you can watch it yourself. But I will comment on how Clarity could be an impediment. I think this is similar to how in Buddhism early on they realized how the path to Nirvana was a static place and not one of growth, so later they evolved into the selfless path of the Bodhisattva instead. Also in Crowley’s works he talks about the City of Pyramids where yogis and magickians get stuck in some high state that feels good but does not bring about positive change in this world. In others words its fine and good to seek out enlightenment, but then one has to come back down into Malkuth and do something with it, and then the other perils begin. Enjoy.

Addendum – I just finished watching a 6 part BBC documentary from 2006 on Carlos Castaneda. I did not know of his later years. It is a strange, tragic and sad story that shows we are all mortals with all our baggage in the end. But his teachings, whether really from a shaman or from his own spiritual path do live on and have helped many i am sure.