We are All going to Hell – according to Chick Publications

Image from Chick Publications

We are all going to Hell, according to Chick Publications, not just us Witches, but also Catholics, Mormons, Homosexuals, Masons, Moslems, American Indians, Evolutionists, Jews (who don’t convert) and basically everyone who is not a fundamentalist Christian!

For those of you who may not been raised in the Bible Belt of the USA, Chick Publications are little 3×5 inch cartoon tracts that tell it like they think it is. I find them funny and fascinating, but a bit scary that they really hate almost everyone who is not them. Click on the second link above for their website and see a full list of what subjects they cover. Probably over a billion have been distributed around the world for many decades. On another site called Chick Comics they fully analyze these little twisted stories.

Image from Chick Publications

When I was younger and worked in the hospital and medical offices I used to go around almost every day at lunch to collect these tracts that people had placed with the reading material, read them for a laugh, then throw them in the trash. I used to find them in bars, laundromats, bathrooms, etc etc. I made it my goal to destroy them all, but of course I failed, lol.

One of the original ones was called This Was Your Life, and I love how at the end everyone is usually burning in hell being stabbed by devils. In That’s Baphomet? we see who the Masons really worship. And I think the scariest one is one of their newest ones Mama’s Girls where Every other path is the daughter of the Whore of Babalon.

Image from Chick Publications

Below is an hour long YT video God’s Cartoonist – The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick which is about the whole movement with some humorous opinions about this whole genre of nuttiness.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these tracts in case you wonder if you are going to Hell or not! Hey at least all us Witches down there won’t have to ask anyone for a light!

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  1. Growing up in the South I have seen these little “gems” eveywhere also. I have seen them tucked into books in the New Age section in bookstores and left on the tables in restaurants. If they weren’t as hateful and disturbing they would be humorous….Mr Chick missed his calling he should have worked for Marvel Comics….he would have had a field day with the Scarlet Witch , Lol.

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