What the hell does blausternschlonge mean?

I bet you all have wondered “What the hell does the blausternschlonge in my URL and title mean?” Well when I first started this blog in January 2012 I was new to WordPress and that was the longest title in German I could squeeze in on the set up page, and I had to drop the schwarz even then. What it means in English is Blue Star Black Snake. No I do not know German, but back then I was learning the Runes and has an idea for a local Coven here in the Appalachians where some variant of Germanic Magickes might be practiced. But that never happened. And you can’t imagine what type of spam gets blocked because of the other meaning of “schlonge” lol.

The seven pointed heptagram star is important to me spiritually as it represents the highest chakra connected with the stars, especially when it is represented in cobalt blue. And the black snake has been a totem in Witchcraft and AmerIndian practices most of my life, representing Malkuth. Thus I put the two together. As I said from the beginning this symbolism has nothing to do with the Blue Star Wicca lineage, though I do admire what little I know of their system.

So I was just playing around today with the title to make it clearer and happily it did not change the URL. And here’s my own little black snake that hung around the place this spring. Enjoy!