The Skull of Mary Magdalene

The Goddess in her many forms, like a hardy little flower growing in a crack in the concrete, continues to manifest herself through time and history, even under the iron boots of the Christian church. They can slander and suppress Mary Magdalene all they want, but she just keeps manifesting in her esoteric form.

The other day I found at the Karmapolice blog the video below and started some more research from there. I was of course fascinated by legends of Mary Mag’s skull being enshrined in the south of France. Here’s an article called Meeting the Skull of the Magdalene at the Magdalineage website. After reading her site check out her links page which lead to more good information.

I tend to think of almost all Western Goddesses (especially around the Mediterranean) as going back to the Egyptian ISIS, so in this video I was pleased to see the similarities between the story of Mary Mag anointing the feet of Jesus with oil with the story of ISIS anointed the dead body of Osiris in the same way, a connection I had not thought of before. I have seen a few documentaries on her from the History and Discovery channels, but I think this one is the best. Enjoy.

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