Storm Making on a Broomstick

I have read a lot and thought about whether Witches can really do weather magicke either individually or as a group. Of course in a group more energy can be raised in the cone of power. The dynamics of high and low pressure systems and fronts seem rather large to manipulate to me. But where the weather is very local, like  a small valley in rugged mountains, or where ocean and cliffs come together, it may be possible, just maybe.

I know that in the Himalayas there are weather shamans who use the phurba and other magickal tools to protect villages and fields from the frequent fickle hail storms, and the Dalai Lama even has a lama who works to keep the weather calm when he is doing a large outside ritual with crowds of people. Here is an example.

And we have heard the stories of witches working to protect their land from invading fleets of ships by raising storms, and even Sybil Leek’s Coven of the Horsa (my lineage) working to raise storms to block Hitler’s invading Luftwaffe.

I used to live at the northern base of a long Appalachian mountain that jutted out where the Susquehanna river had to loop around the end, and I can tell you that caused some weird localized weather that did not happen around it. I have laid back on the ground watching swirling black clouds start to peak down into a tornado almost, but not quite, and the straight line wind damage happened instead on the south side of the mountain. Hey I have always been a rather amateur meteorologist and went to college for it, but then once i encountered all that math I decided I just liked staring in awe at the sky!

There are gods and sylphs connected with the winds and rains and thunderstorms, and one can befriend and work with them. But I am still not sure a Witch can really affect the weather much. What do you think?

What brought these thoughts on yesterday was finding the Streets of Salem blog which is written by a Salem historian, not a witch, but he posted on Weather Witches giving some historical examples of witches being connected with the ability to manipulate the weather, and the post has some nice old woodcuts of this, though they are probably propaganda for the times. His blog is interesting from a historical point of view, and his German Witches post is good too. So enjoy the writings and the pictures!

2 thoughts on “Storm Making on a Broomstick

  1. Great topic. I feel that weather magick should only be performed when needed. For example…about a year ago when the hurricane was threatening the east cost and we got slammed in PA. I worked whether magic with a witch in Duncannon. She worked at her house and I at mine. Me and the house next door were the only once to not get flooded or take any damage at all.

    For our clan, when we work whether magick it really depends on what we are trying to do. This could be calling on the earth for a fruitful garden, or calling up a storm by slapping our besoms on the water while chanting and drumming. I also drive away the rain with the besom. At times I have done weather magick with herbs and wand. I very rarely do it, but when I have – it has always been a success.

    • Thanks for your feedback Rowan. Yes I too have worked weather magickes mostly as a protection of house and property from storms and floods, and you know how fast this stream can come up just behind the house. But besides witchcraft methods I also use what I know of Tibetan shamanic practices working with two particular Protectors who have served me well over the decades.

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