Some Thoughts (and Advice) on Ouija – from the Moon Camel Bazaar Blog

I have never used a Ouija board, or even conducted or been in a seance before. Unless you want to count that seance we did when I was around 13 years old, in the church, in the dark quiet little choir room of my church, where one of the girls fainted and boy did we get in trouble not with the spirits but with the minister! But I do of course at times evoke gods, lwa and nature spirits in my own way using traditional Witchcraft and Solomonic Magickes.

This morning Caroline Gonzalez at her Moon Camel Bazaar blog posted this excellent article Some Thoughts (and Advice) On Ouija which come from her experience, level head and balanced heart. This advice is applicable to anyone who communes with the spirits for sure.

Here is a short quote from her post, and you can click on the link above for the full article:

“I always say that, while Ouija is completely harmless, the human mind is not – at all. All the problems allegedly caused by seances are actually caused by the mental+spiritual problems of the living, not of the dead……”

While looking for Ouija board images for this post I came across this interesting one below of the grave of Elijah Bond who invented and patented it.

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