My Take: God not in whirlwinds of Sandy, presidential race – from the CNN Belief Blog

NASA Photo of Hurricane Sandy

I woke up this morning having gotten off pretty easy from the worst of the passing of Hurricane Sandy yesterday though last night though our central Appalachian mountains. Luckily I only got about 3 inches of rain instead of the 5-8 predicted, so the deep run behind the house which drains about 25 square miles of mountain only came up about a quarter full. The power went out once last night, but then blessedly came back on, so the electricity remained on to my sump pump in my leaking cellar. And since I live in a well protected valley the winds were not that bad. But having been raised a Boy Scout, always prepared, I had my gasoline powered generator and power cords ready on the front porch, hand cranked disaster radio in hand, flashlights and kerosene lamps and candles ready to go, just in case. Of course others to the south and east of us did not fare so well.

The run behind the house one quarter full

I found this interesting article on the CNN Belief blog this morning, entitled My Take: God not in whirlwinds of Sandy, presidential race by Stephen Prothero. He goes into that eternal dilemma question “If God is good then why does he allow bad things to happen?” and all the other whacky questions and statements that Christians and political leaders make claiming to know the who what when and why of God. I swear most right wing Christian’s view of God is more like a vengeful Archon you can woo or cower from.

Here is a short quote from the article, and click the link above for the full story:

“I am riding out Sandy on Cape Cod and wondering whether this, too, is God’s will.

As this storm has carved its path through the Caribbean and up the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, it has taken 67 lives and (so far) spared the rest of us. Was it the will of the Almighty that so many should perish?

Is God angry with Cuba, where 11 died last week? More angry with Haiti, where 51 perished? Relatively unperturbed with Jamaica, where the death toll was only two? If a tree falls on my house today, will that be an Act of God, too?”….

By Stephen Prothero