All Hallows Eve – Back in the Good Ole Days

(Pictures do contain artistic nudity)

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Ah All Hallows Eve, back in the Good Ole Days, back in France in the late 1700s! Back when we had a Horned Man In Black, lots of defrocked fallen Catholic Priests, a nubile altar, lots of depraved Nuns, lots of wild and crazy Witches, and Baphomet showing up in person in our Old Time Religion! Those were the good ole days, no politically correct “Wicca”, no need for a designated ox cart driver, no lawyers with non-litigation contracts. But then they were the bad old days too, and I barely got out of Paris with my head during the Revolution,

Well I am sure your, and my, All Hallows Eve rituals will be a little more sedate in these modern times. And I hope my readers realize this post is very tongue in cheek. Blessed Be!