Nazi Buddha From Space

Photo Credit Elmar Buchner

Got your attention? I was perusing through the scientific Archeology News Network blog when to my surprise I came upon this story entitled Nazi Buddha From Space Might Be A Fake. On further research I also found a BBC story Ancient Statue Discovered by Nazis is Made From Meteorite.

To summarize both stories it seems this carving of a Buddha is carved from a rare ataxite type of meteorite, possibly the Chinga one which fell about 15000 years ago on the border of Eastern Siberia and Mongolia. It may have been brought back to Europe in 1938 by German scientist and explorer Ernst Schafer but does not appear on his well documented list of finds. The two articles give positive and negative views of its origin so his on the links above to read them in full.

Now I am no expert in iconography, but the swastika of course is a pre-Nazi symbol used in the Bon religion and in Hinduism back thousands of years, and the left turning one is Bon. And if this was carved in China or Mongolia what is the issue about him being seated (like Maitreya Buddha) and having pants and a beard? Haven’t all cultures mostly represented the Buddha with their own racial characteristics? And aren’t Caucasians found buried all along the Silk Road?

Either way I think this is one cool meteorite carved Buddha statue! Enjoy.

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