October Witchcraft – Harvesting Herbs

Well the temperature dropped down to about 30*F last night, not a hard frost, but definitely an end to the growing season. I have a small herb garden because I do not get much sun in this yard with all my trees. These are mostly herbs I grow for incenses, and some I grow for others salves and elixirs. This year I grew some anise hyssop which got tall and covered with beautiful purple blossoms that the bees just Loved. I just save the dried flowers for a cleansing hyssop incense.

Bee Balm Flowers Drying

I also grew some Comfrey, which a friend makes into wonder salves that get rid of any skin problem or even infection on my skin and even on my cats. She and another herbalist I know are taking my Bergomot aka Bee Balm to make elixirs for colds and congestion, though I do keep a little for in black tea to make it taste like Earl Grey.The Valerian will have to wait a year or so for the roots to get bigger before I can share those.

Fresh Wormwood Drying

For myself I mostly grow herbs for incenses, and this includes Wormwood, Mugwort (growing wild), Southernwood and Sage. These i dry  a little then roll into smudge sticks just twining heavy thread around them. These will be totally dried out soon for winter rituals.

Smudge Sticks Drying

Of course the Native Indian spirits are honoured and welcomed once again back inside. Here is an altar with an old plaster statue of an Indian woman advertising incense, and the skeleton of a fox guardian and turtle shell.

Native Spirits Altar

Ah the beauty of Autumn in the Appalachian mountains!

Maple Leaves

All photos copyright 2012 GLHoke

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    • Thank you. I am not an herbalist, but i am lucky enough to be friends with two really good ones. They use them to make medicines, but i just burn them to make magickes.

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