Reflections on Old Guard Paganism – by Mike Nichols

I was just reading a book called The Witches’ Sabbats by Mike Nichols (available at Acorn Guild Press), and also found his website The Witches’s Sabbats which seems to have most of the book in it and alot of other insightful articles he has written. I especially enjoyed his article  Reflections on Old Guard Paganism, and I quote the final paragraph of the article below. I recommend anyone who is confused by the terms Old Guard Witchcraft vs Wicca to read from his experience and wisdom. I am also enjoying the absolutely beautiful Invocations and Rituals in his A Pagan Carmina Gadalica. Enjoy! (The pictures above and below are from the website.)

“If the remarks you overhear made by Old Guard Pagans (and the remarks made in this essay!) seem slightly petulant, tinged with sibling rivalry, it is not to be wondered at. The Old Guard Pagan is in the position of older brother or sister of the family. They often feel, quite justifiably, that the things which they had to fight Mom and Dad so HARD for, are now being handed to the younger brother or sister on a silver platter. They feel that since their freedoms and privileges were so hard won, they value them more. They often feel that the younger siblings do not APPRECIATE all the things the older siblings have done to make such freedoms possible. And, of course, they are right. Such will always be the way of the world — the march of generations. Still, the thing to remember about sibling rivalry is that, underneath it all, we ARE siblings; we ARE brothers and sisters, whatever forms may divide us; we ARE all sons and daughters of the Great Mother.” – by Mike Nichols.

Mike Nichols