Blessed Autumn Equinox Mabon

I will get a two day jump on wishing all my fellow Witches a Blessed Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon in later Wicca circles. Here in the temperate zone of the mid Appalachian mountains it takes about 6 weeks for the solstice and equinox events to become manifest on the earth around us at the cross quarter festivals. So it may be the Autumn Equinox as far as the angle of the Earth orbiting around the Sun is concerned, but it isn’t until All Hallows or Samhain that Autumn is truly manifest and grounded. The same can be said around the 8 fold Wheel of the Year, another Wiccan revision of the older Witchcraft festivals tied in  with the reality of the seasons around us in the northern hemisphere.

To get you all in the mood here are some older photos (Copyright 2012 GLHoke) I took in the last few autumns, about 3 weeks from this date. Enjoy.

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