Sybil Leek’s Astrology Journal magazines

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A fellow Sybil Leek advocate and enthusiast of the Vicia line of the Anderson Feri Tradition has graciously gifted to me and the Coven of the Catta these seven copies of Sybil Leek’s Astrology Journal from 1971 to 1973. Now you have to realize that I graduated from high school in 1971! As someone somewhere still owns the copyright to her writings I can only publish these photos of the covers but not the content. These look pretty interesting and since Sybil is the grandmother of our lineage they will be treasured in our archives.

I also found Sybil’s astrology chart at the website. Now I am Not an astrologer but the patterns and conjunctions sure look interesting. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Sybil Leek’s Astrology Journal magazines

  1. Hello,

    can you tell me, if any of these issues contain any contributions from Marion ZImmer Bradley, Walter Breen, Elfrida Rivers, Morgan Ives or Miriam Gardner? Just curious, since I’m a great fan of MZB and I know that she used to contribute to the “Sybil Leek’s Astrology Journal”.

    Best Regards,

    Petri Peltonen,
    sometimes known as Piedro Aillard-Syrtis

    • Most of the articles do not even have an author listed, but i will look thru them tomorrow to see if i can pick out any of those names. Addendum – none of those names appear in the magazines, sorry.

    • Elfrida Rivers and Walter Breen appear in my May-Oct 1970 issues. MZB also wrote as “Marion Breen” in at least three issues. I’ll check my other copies when I have time.

    • The name she did those under was Elfrida Rivers, according to wiki

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