Wrestling with Samael – Part Three

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(Note some of the Christian Kabalistic talismans above came I think from Aaron Leitch’s Ananael blog)

Wrestling with Samael – Part Three – Tibetan Protector Mantras do not work with Western Goetic Angels and Demons.

Please review my previous posts on Samael Part One and Part Two to get the context of part three of this magickal encounter.

I have working within both Eastern and Western spiritual and magickal systems all my adult life. I could go into that long list, but just my About page. In my “outer” magickal life as a witch priest most of what I do that people see is western magicke. But in my “inner” magickal life my main practices are in Tibetan Buddhism and Shaivism. I don’t know anyone else who lives near me now who knows anything about that, so I keep that to myself. Truth be told I have met maybe a handful of people who worked both eastern and western magickes, but I see there are more out there in the blogosphere. I actually have more than twice the Vajrayana and Shaivite empowerments than I have initiations in western magickal and witchcraft systems.

Now we all know that it is important within one’s magickal life to come up with some system(s) of protection. I live here in the western hemisphere where most negative workings that may be thrown at me are based on Kabalistic Solomonic systems and Celtic/Germanic witchcraft, and I can count those on one hand after a farming accident. I am not someone who sees a demon in every dream or a ghost in every knock in the house or a psychic attack in every dish dropped and broken. I tend to just ignore what a lot of people fear, thinking that if I do not believe in it then it does not exist within my sphere. This is based on both Buddhist and Jungian beliefs that everything from god to angel to demon is basically within my mind.

Well that’s all neat and tidy in theory, but in practice things can get a little hairy at times. Sometimes those egregores just do not want to stay in the cerebral realms I try to constrain them to.

Last autumn I started a working for the Knowledge and Conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel. I had not done a Solomonic working so complex thus far. I did not do the Abramelin working but mostly worked with a hierarchy of Nephilim, Archangels and Angels using mostly Thelemic rituals. It went really well through winter (freezing my ass off in an unheated 1937 cabin I set the temple up in) and spring. But it started to either feel either completed or to fizzle out this summer. I ran out of rituals to do over and over and did the Gnostic Mass a few times at the end. I did feel that I had connected with my Adonai in the end. I will have to admit that with my degenerating condition of Meige’s syndrome the rituals started out as full regalia rituals but ended with me sitting at a table just reading them out loud and even laying on a cot visualizing various hierarchical matrixes around me.

So yes Adonai did become established at my crown chakra above the sphere of the circle and cross, heptagram and hexagram and pentagrams around me. But another angelic presence, notably Samael, crept in from the bottom of that sphere also. At first I accepted and integrated him. But then he showed his true face. Those of you with a chronic illness may know there are negative psychological feelings attributed to the pain in the ass of being ill all the time. One night as I tossed and turned in bed unable to sleep Samael appeared in the room and sat down on a chair in my bedroom, crossed his legs, put on an arrogant aire, and we had a conversation that lasted for hours. Now I am not psychic and not relating some dream or hallucination here, just telling you that this conversation went on in my head with him as he sat there. At the end we ended with a gentleman’s agreement about my future, kinda like a deal with the devil for more time to finish such and such, or so I thought. Now as I said earlier, I have posted twicebeforeregarding Samael and my understanding of him in previous months. So as you can see I started out with “well this is interesting and I can work with this god form”, and then went on to “how the hell am I going to deal with this demanding presence in my life now”? It soon became apparent, and I am not the paranoid type, that he was trying to push his Azrael agenda with me, my cats, my family and some close friends. He would appear at the end of a dream about someone dying, and torture me with worry about my cats when they were sick or went missing for days. I really got tired of seeing him pop up in my real world and dream world.

So the Jungian Buddhist in me who just “wants to get along” with all beings on all planes got a slap in the face and a reality check. Had I attempted the HGA working but ended up invoking and evoking Samael? Or did he just appear because I am old and ill and an entertaining piece of red meat? And what I soon realized, which is the point I wish to make on this post, is that all my powerful Tibetan Buddhist and Egyptian and Vodoun protectors are really in a different realm than Samael who is firmly established in the western magickal psyche. So it became obvious to me that one cannot chant Tibetan mantras to a Kabalistic deity, which is kinda like bitching in Italian at a Chinese restaurant. I started once again working with the more traditional Solomonic approach using the Hebrew and Christian Kabalistic names and deities to get this situation under control.

The other day a friend was here with her daughter, who is rather psychic, and she told me about a being she was seeing outside that cabin I used for the rituals. She described him as appearing much like those demons in the Hellraiser videos, the ones whose heads morph right and left in a blur like they are standing between the dimensions. She took a paper and pencil and drew a nasty looking figure that was skeletal on the left side and devious looking on the right side. She wrote the word “Lies” eleven times around the figure. I said “well do you know who the father of all lies is?” and she did not give the correct theological names of Lucifer or Satan but rather said “Samael”. Interesting. I hated the drawing from the moment I saw it and turned the paper upside down. Then today I went over to that temple, which was mostly disassembled since I had mostly abandoned the HGA working at this point, and I folded the picture into a triangular origami figure, put it in a triangular talisman of constraint, put around it other talismans of a Solomonic nature, lit candles, hanged a templar type sword above it, evoked Mikael Archangelos, and burned an eighth of an ounce of frankincense in the room. I continued this for three days. Things felt better almost immediately, and that damned face in that drawing seems to be fading from memory. I guess Azarael is rather busy harassing and killing other people at times.

No I am not a dabbler or some arrogant magickian. I usually do pretty well and have confidence in what I do, and even more confidence in the gods and protectors I work with. I have not worked with evocation as much as invocation over the decades, and have learned a valuable lesson here. Like I said at the beginning – western Goetic Demons do not give a rat’s ass about names and mantras from an eastern protective deity! You have to speak to them in their own language and work with them within their own hierarchies.

I think most of you will admit sometimes we get what we ask for, and sometimes we get what we do not ask for, and sometimes what is happening is just confusing and one has to step back, re-evaluate the situation, then move boldly forward without fear. Why am I posting this? Because most everyone loves to share when things go well in magickal operations, but few will share when things go strangely. Any comments of an intelligent and experienced nature are welcome.

Postscript – I burned that image today in the burn barrel, wrapped in talismans of constraint. Now last night I had a very interesting dream about an old Eshu, Pomba Gira and a younger Eshu, the latter drawing and handing me a talisman at the end. At least those tricksters are more fun to deal with to me since they don’t take themselves so damned seriously like Sam did! But my relationship with the Eshus is for another future post…

Here are some pictures of the ritual set up.

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4 thoughts on “Wrestling with Samael – Part Three

  1. The ritual looks great as always. Your skills and talents are very humbling to me as is your knowledge and experience.
    Did you hand draw out the sigils that you used? I know some people use the printer on their computer but I have always thought that drawing them out by hand while focusing on the work at hand is more powerful and in tune with the working and I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this.
    Lady Augur

    • Thanks ANA, but you give me too much credit. It was a new type of working for me and this is what i learned. No unfortunately i was not able to take the time to hand draw the sigils this time as i was putting out a fire, lol.

  2. Palden Lhamo would work 100% if you have the bhakti and/or inititation..on the other hand Azrael is NOT Samael. I love Azrael. Samael is Lillith;s consort so you can try to work with the angels that restrain Lillith, Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof.

    • Thank you TG. I know Samael is not Azrael per se, but he is an angel connected with death and he came across that way. What i did seemed to work, but i will make note of your suggestions. Like i said i think this being only responded to Hebrew, Greek and Latin, not Sanskrit.

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