The God Delusion – Interview with Richard Dawkins

(Image from the Karmapolice blog)

I found this interesting interview with the well known scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins (who wrote The God Delusion) on the CNN Light Years blog this morning, and have been exploring information on him and his writings. Here is a small quote from that interview:

“If there were a God that met you after death, what would you say?
If I met God, in the unlikely event, after I died? The first thing I would say is, well, which one are you? Are you Zeus? Are you Thor? Are you Baal? Are you Mithras? Are you Yahweh? Which God are you, and why did you take such great pains to conceal yourself and to hide away from us?”

I also liked this Wiki about a book called God is Not Great – How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens.

Despite all my spiritual and religious writings at this blog, I still consider myself to be an Agnostic at heart. I know my faith in something like my image of Deity does help me at times, but the operative terms are “my faith” and “my image of deity”. I always remember the bumper sticker i once saw that read – Agnostic – I don’t know and you don’t know either!

Here below is the first of a 5 part series of a 2006 documentary that Richard Dawkins made on his ideas in his book The God Delusion. Enjoy.