Vaidilutė and Asatru and Savitri Devi

Here is a wonderful website called Vaidilute by a lady who follows the Lithuanian Romuva Asatru path. Click on the name above or picture below, which is from her website, to link.

Here page on Asatru (navigate to the top to the second link) is the most informative and balanced i have ever read, and it sets up a real contrast between a native religion of the forests of northern Europe versus a Mediterranean religion of the desert. I quote a small portion of it here –

“Many of us (I mean Europeans) instinctively believe in the values of Ásatrú simply because they have been passed down to us from our ancestors. To find European virtues, one should look where those virtues have their natural home — Ásatrú.

The great Aryan philosopher Savitri Devi stated in her classical work The Lightning and the Sun, “The truth is that there is no other ‘God’ but the immanent, impersonal divinity of Nature-of-Life, the universal Self. No tribal god is ‘God.’ Tribal gods are more or less divine, to the extent they embody and express a more of less divine collective soul.”

In Ásatrú there is simply no central authority that lays down dogma or tenets. There is no injunction to proselytize, or any precedent for intolerance of other beliefs. Ásatrúers do not proselytize. They will not come, like some Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, knocking at your door trying to “sell” Ásatrú.

Ásatrú does not claim to hold the universal truth or to be a universal religion, a faith for all of humankind. In fact, Ásatrúers don’t think such a thing is possible. The followers of Ásatrú don’t believe that there is such thing as “One True Religion for Everybody.” They are convinced that ethnic ancestral religions that were built by and for various ethnic peoples, are the most suitable ones — these are manifestations of the inner self of every person, and an expression of their collective subconscious. The various branches of humanity have different ways of looking at the world, each of which is valid for them, and thus naturally should have different religions, which of course they do, or at least did…

Ásatrúers believe that each religion reflects the culture of the region in which it was created, that the beliefs of a culture represent the values and ethics of its people (the German term “volkisch” represents this vision). Each culture is unique and so each religion is or should be unique to its people and therefore not transposable from one group to another. Because of this, people of Northern European origins should practice Ásatrú those of Celtic origin should practice Celtic heathenism and so on. Our ancestors were polytheists and therefore Judeo-Christianity being a monotheist religion, having its roots in the desert, is an aberration for a race that has its origins in the forests of Europe.”

She also has another website called the Savitri Devi Archive. Yes she is very controversial, but she is a deep thinker from the history of her time, combining her ideas from Hinduism, the Egyptian religion and National Socialism. Some of her rare surviving writings are downloadable there, and i am still in the process of reading these large documents.

I agree with the Asatru philosophy as offered in the first website, except for some of the conclusions she comes to in the end. Her idea that witches are hippies taking drugs is not quite right, andi am sure both witches and Asatru ancestors have taken entheogens in their ways of contacting the divine within. The second website is interesting, but i am not condoning one or the other, just posting these as links of interest for my hopefully intelligent readers to investigate for themselves.