Is Mormanism Henotheistic?

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So i was doing a little research in the past few days about Mormonism, especially with one of our presidential candidates being Mormon.

As always i started at Wikipedia with their link on Mormonism, So i read about Joseph Smith Jr meeting both God the Father (the one in the picture above with the longer beard i assume) and Jesus and the angel Moroni. And then i read he would put a stone in his top hat and use it for skrying to contact the spirits. And he found some gold plates that he would not let anyone see which are supposedly reburied (how convenient). It seems he had some personal shamanic divine visitation, which as usual is turned into a religion or cult by his followers. (Cults are followers who don’t become big enough to become tax exempt like religions). What i found most interesting was their theology of Henotheism which i had never heard of before, and here is Wiki’s definition how Mormon’s interpret it –

“Mormons believe that, in the beginning, all people existed as spirits or “intelligences,” independent of God. In this state, God came among the intelligences and offered a plan whereby they could progress and “have a privilege to advance like himself.” The spirits were free to accept or reject this plan, and a third of them, led by Lucifer (slated to become Satan) rejected it. The rest accepted the plan, coming to earth and receiving bodies with an understanding that they would experience sin and suffering.”

Hmmm, so we are not talking about God Almighty here, but a god or angel or extraterrestrial powerful intelligence who is trying to get everyone on his side. Sounds suspiciously like some of the Gnostic metaphysical systems regarding the Archons to me. It also sounds suspiciously like some “pagan” systems where there are lots of gods and goddess and you get to choose whom you wish to worship and work with. Don’t get me wrong, there being nothing wrong with this as long as the swords and missiles stay sheathed in the competition.

Now i am Not a religious scholar, but to me this sounds like the ole “my god is better than your god” game that has led to the deaths of millions over the past couple thousand years. And this offer “whereby they could progress and have a privilege to advance like himself.”  sounds like Romney’s trickle down economics where we all have a chance to become as rich as he is is we can become as ruthless as a corporate Archon, lol. We obviously make our gods in our own image, not the other way around. And maybe we elect presidents the same way.

I am sure 99% of Mormon’s are good people with good intentions, and the same can be said for any organized religion. Gods know that i have seen Witchcraft clergy (and been tempted myself) acting like Archons too. Why is it that our desire to seek the Truth somehow leads eventually and almost inevitably to a desire for Power too?

2 thoughts on “Is Mormanism Henotheistic?

  1. Actually, I do think this is a genuine gnostic or Neoplatonic vision that Smith had. There is a lot of good in Mormonism. Doug’s ex-wife is crossed. I mean, SERIOUSLY crossed – lots of angry ancestor/chaos spirits etc. around her. But when she got anointed or confirmed or blessed or whatever they call it, by her Bishop, back in 2009, her life got dramatically better and so did her energy for about a year. It was an obvious change that I am sure came from that initiation.Then we moved her here and that was a mistake but that’s another story….they believe in a Heavenly Mother but she does not get a lot of press. There is a lot of esoteric stuff in mormonism but they have it smothered with patriarchal and political bullcrap, unfortunately.

    • I agree he experienced a personal gnosis. I think with everyone who has had such a vision it can remain a personal spiritual flame, or one’s ego can ignite to the point of saying to people “I speak for God now”. Spiritually powerful people do have the ability to heal and even do miracles, no matter what their faith. I consider the previous Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa to be saints with the power to heal, especially if those seeking healing have faith, even though i do not agree with their theologies.

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