Your Own Personal Jesus?

Is there your own personal God, “someone who hears your prayers, someone who cares” (to quote the video)? Is there a personal Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mary, Diana, Cernunnos, Allah, JHVH, Padmasambhava, etc etc etc ad infinitum??? Are the gods totally internal projections, generated by the mind as taught by classical Buddhism? Or are they actual external astral higher plane archons as taught by Gnosticism? Or are they egregores combining both our own projections and the universe’s divine response?

For me it seems the latter solution works. I know there is divinity in nature, and i know i give that divinity a face by my paying attention to and working with it as a deity. If there is a tree that is particularly powerful, then i can feel the spirit energy emanating from it, and in my mind i project a fairy presence upon it which grows with attention. But if i move away from that woods and no longer do that, then it seems the egregore fades away naturally. I can also use the example of a statue of Mary in a church. People pray to it, thus giving it energy, and then it becomes a battery that can then be tapped into for pulling healing energy from it. But if the church decays in time and the statue is buried to be dug up a millennium later then i think that egregore has also faded away.

Anyway, despite all the theological philosophizing of many, that is my simple theory, at least based on what i have experienced.