Jean Markale Books

I am posting this to share my love of the books and writings of the late Jean Markale (1928-2008). Years ago I read his Women of the Celts, which i think is still the best book on various Celtic divinities and persons throughout history. Recently I read his Cathedral of the Black Madonna – The Druids and the Mysteries of Chartres. And now i am reading his The Druids – Celtic Priests of Nature. I was hesitant to buy another book on the Druids since we know almost nothing about them except through the writings of Caesar, but so far i am learning from this one. Here is a full list of the Works of Jean Markale. They give him a bad rap on Wiki, but I am not a scholar so I cannot judge that. All I can tell you is I Love his easy flowing, intellectually stimulating and visually evocative style of writing. And he is consistent in blowing away the New Agey theories and binocular Judea-Roman-Christian viewpoint of these historical subjects. I like that. Enjoy.