THE ORDINE DELLA LUNA/NOVA – The Work of Alex Sanders & Derek Taylor

A witch friend turned me on to this little known facet of what Alex Sanders and his friend Derek Taylor were into at the close of their lives. I for one had never heard of The Ordine Della Luna/Nova before, and did some googling and found very little except these two links below. What i found interesting is that these witches went beyond earthly paganism and explored the realms of the Star Goddess and Gods, I had the same thing happen to me in a personal shamanic gnosis back in 1987 when they had their first revelations. I was taught that Witchcraft originally came from the Nephilim or angelic aliens. And I also believe that most of Western Occultism comes from Egypt and that ISIS is the primal Goddess.

First is this link to the Ordine Della Nova website, which seems put together by an Anthony Allard Ph.D. The pentagram planets image above comes from this website. I have emailed all their contacts, some having come back as dead addys, and await any response, and if i get any i will add an addendum to this post.

The second link is to The Ordine Della Luna/Nova – The Work of Alex Sanders and Derek Taylor, which is part of a web ring and i seem to have run into a dead end there too.

I do not know if this group/s still exists, but if anyone has any more information please let me know in a comment. I have also not been able to find any copies of their writings listed at the websites.

ADDENDUM 1 August 2012 – Anthony Allard is still alive and kicking and doing the Great Work. I am now in communication with him.

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  1. Both groups, the Ordine Della Luna and the Ordine Della Nova still exists. Anthony Allard whom succeed Derek Taylor leads the Ordine Della Nova. Leonard Stevens (initiated by Soror Moonshee) continues the Ordine Della Luna, that she received from Alex Sanders. The Goddess Isis has little to with the Ordine Della Luna, except perhaps in her context as the Great Mother.. the main Goddess of the Ordine Della Luna is Arianrhod.

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