Ex Oriente Lux

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As you can see from my most recent posts, i have been in a rather morbid mood of late around this past new moon cycle. In a post a bit ago i talked a little about an encounter with Samael. I am still not going to reveal that whole story, but suffice it to say that sometimes a being is a self generated egregore and sometimes it is an old entity who has good or evil intentions.

I have been taught in Jungian dream work and in Himalayan magicke that if a frightful form appears in a dream one does not run from it or fight it but rather embraces it and it transforms into its true form. Well that theory is good most of the time. But sometimes its time to pull out the sword and the Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos and then the Ex Oriente Lux, the latter being taught in our Coven of the Catta rituals. In fact, even though it was edited out of this house cleansing we performed as documented in The Haunted – Coven of the Cat, those are the two incantations i used.

Now you may laugh at this video Call of the Warrior, which for my types of posts is pretty white light and emotional and uses words like God and He, but i hope my readers are sophisticated enough to get the energies illustrated herein and how sometimes one does need to invoke and evoke them in certain situations. Of course one can substitute whatever forms and names of their personal preference of Light Deity into this teaching.