Open Minded Musings from some Witches and Magickians blogs

In the last few days i have read some very interesting posts from various witches and magickians that show their introspection, self-evaluations, open-mindedness and embracing change.

First at one of my favourite blogs, The Witch of Forest Grove, Sarah posts on her Realizations and Transformations about defining herself and her practices.

At another great blog, Thicket of a Witch, Spanish Moss is also openly taking stock of his witch life in a post called Wandering Thoughts.

And at these two Rosicrucian blogs, Ananael and The Ruby Rose & Golden Cross once again these bloggers show their open-mindedness towards all traditions.

I encourage you to read these candid posts and to subscribe to their interesting blogs. Bravo !

(unfortunately i do not know where i got the image above from on the www)

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