Samael by the Bedside

A couple weeks ago i had an interesting experience, a visit by Samael to my bedside, but that is too personal to put into a public blog. Let’s just say for the last year i have done rituals for the KCHGA, specifically Adonai, and lo and behold Samael shows up.

Anyway, doing some research this last week i came across this very interesting analysis of the Archangel Samael at a website about the man Samael Aun Weor. Please click on the picture above on on this link to read this interesting analysis of his name in relationship to the name of Samael.

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3 thoughts on “Samael by the Bedside

  1. You can bribe him with chocolate if he bothers you. Or vodka.

    • Well i am not sure of that, lol. As Castaneda says one should always visualize Death on one’s left shoulder as one goes thru life, something i have done. I did not go into detail, but we have reached a gentleman’s agreement for now.

      • Ah, well, yes, he can be quite a creeper and hard-ass. And he is the Left Hand of God, theoretically. I hope it went well.

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